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Newly launched journal Asthma Research and Practice is the official publication of Interasma. This Open Access journal will publish cutting edge basic, clinical and translational research in addition to hot topic reviews and commentaries. Asthma Research and Practice aims to become a high visibility forum for the dissemination of Asthma research worldwide.


The Aims and Scope are:

Asthma Research and Practice will publish articles related to basic asthma research, clinical practice as well as translational research. The journal aims to publish the most recent and relevant information on asthma and related disorders (such as rhinitis, COPD overlapping syndrome, sinusitis).

Asthma Research and Practice aims to serve as an international platform for the dissemination of research of interest to pulmonologists, allergologists, primary care physicians and family doctors, ENTs and other health care providers interested in asthma, its mechanisms and comorbidities.


Our journal USPs (unique selling points) are currently:

• The official journal of Interasma

• Dedicated section for pediatric research

• All articles are Open Access, ensuring high visibility


You can download journal leaflets, posters and PowerPoint slides at this webpage:


Accepting submissions


Asthma Research and Practice is the official journal of Interasma



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Editor: Juan C. Ivancevich, MD

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