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Juan Carlos Ivancevich Tuesday, 02 June 2015 15:24

Welcome to Fernando Holguin, new AE for journal Research & Practice:

Asthma Research and Practice

Juan Carlos Ivancevich Thursday, 07 May 2015 13:21
Juan C. Celedón  University of Pittsburgh, United States - Giovanni Passalacqua  University of Genoa, Italy
Founding Editor 
Carlos E Baena-Cagnani Catholic University of Cordoba, Argentina
About Asthma Research and Practice This page includes information about the aims and scope of Asthma Research and Practice, editorial policies, open access and article-processing charges, the peer review process and other information. For details of how to prepare and submit a manuscript through the online submission system, please see the instructions for authors.
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Join our more than 1,000 followers on Twitter!


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World Allergy Week 2015

Juan Carlos Ivancevich Tuesday, 14 April 2015 13:35

World Allergy Week is an annual initiative of the World Allergy Organization (WAO), together with its Member Societies, to raise awareness of allergic disease and related disorders and advocate for the provision of training and resources in the diagnosis, management, and prevention of these diseases and asthma, which are rising in prevalence around the world.

WAO established the initiative with the vision of bringing together multiple stakeholder groups including physicians, medical educators, patient advocates, policy makers, the general public, and health care authorities for an integrated approach to addressing the needs of patients who suffer from allergic diseases and asthma and those who provide care for them.

Historically, WAO hosted “World Allergy Day," in association with the biennial World Allergy Congress, beginning with the first event in July 2005. After recommendations from WAO Member Societies and other associates of WAO to expand the scope and timeline of World Allergy Day so as to facilitate wider participation around the world, the WAO Board of Directors approved the establishment of World Allergy Week in 2011.

There are many ways to get involved. Each year WAO receives stories, audio and video recordings, photographs and press releases from the many programs and activities that take place locally, nationally and regionally due to the innovative planning of participating individuals and organizations. Many of these reports are archived on this website.

WAO provides resources every year regarding the global theme for its Member Societies and information for everyone interested in World Allergy Week. Follow the links below to learn more!

World Allergy Week 2015 Resources

Information for WAO Member Societies

Information for the Press

Patient Advocacy Organizations and Resources

WAO and Member Society Airway Allergy Online Resources

View Past Events

World Allergy Week 2014
World Allergy Week 2013
World Allergy Week 2012
World Allergy Week 2011

World Congress of Asthma 2016, Madrid - First Announcement & Call for Abstracts

Juan Carlos Ivancevich Wednesday, 08 April 2015 15:42
Please visit http://www.wca-2016.com/ 
XXIII World Congress of Asthma
WCA 2016 Madrid Spain


Interasma Symposia in the Latin American Congress of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Juan Carlos Ivancevich Tuesday, 17 March 2015 14:30
16/03/2015 - Panamericano Hotel & Convention Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tribute tol Prof. Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, INTERASMA Past President

Chairmen: Ignacio Ansotegui, Juan C. Ivancevich
Introduction: The Global Impact of Asthma
G Walter Canonica
Late Phase Response in Asthma
Louis P. Boulet
Inhalation Challenges in Occupational Asthma
Joaquin Sastre

Prof. G. Walter Canonica: In memorian: a tribute to Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani in the Latin American Congress SLaai2015

Juan Carlos Ivancevich Sunday, 15 March 2015 04:02

Asthma Research and Practice Editorial Board has been updated to reflect new co-Editors-in-Chief Profs Celedon & Passalacqua

Super User Saturday, 07 February 2015 11:04

           Professor Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani

We are saddened by the news that Professor Carlos E Baena-Cagnani passed away suddenly on New Year’s Eve and extend our condolences and sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues during this difficult time. We are truly grateful for the hard work Carlos put into starting Asthma Research and Practice and will be working with Interasma and the Editorial Board to honour his legacy by launching the journal establishing it as a leader in the field.

Editorial Board


Juan Celedón, University of Pittsburgh, United States
Giovanni Passalacqua, University of Genoa, Italy

Founding Editor

Carlos E Baena-Cagnani, Catholic University of Córdoba, Argentina

Associate Editors

  • Leonard Bacharier, Washington University School of Medicine, United States
  • Louis-Philippe Boulet, Laval University, Canada
  • Alvaro A Cruz, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil
  • Stephen T Holgate, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Ralph Mösges, University Hospital Cologne, Germany
  • Paul O'Byrne, McMaster University, Canada

Deputy Associate Editors

  • Héctor A Badellino, Eastern Regional Clinic, Argentina
  • Enrico Compalati, University of Genoa, Italy

Editorial Board

  • Ignacio Ansotegui, Bizkaia Quirón Hospital, Spain
  • Claus Bachert, University Hospital Ghent, Belgium
  • Eugenio Baraldi, University Padova, Italy
  • Jean Bousquet, University of Montpellier, France
  • Fulvio Braido, University of Genoa, Italy
  • Carlos Báez-Loyola, Médica Sur, Mexico
  • Giorgio Walter Canonica, Genoa University, Italy
  • Adnan Custovic, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Ronald Dahl, Odense University Hospital, Denmark
  • Lawrence DuBuske, Immunology Educational Institute of New England, United States
  • Sandra N González, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  • Fernando Holguín, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, United States
  • Eitan Kerem, Hadassah University Hospital, Israel
  • Susanne Lau, Charité Medical University, Germany
  • Peter Le Souëf, University of Western Australia, Australia
  • Carlos Nunes, Center of Allergy of Algarve, Portugal
  • Ken Ohta, National Hospital Organization Tokyo National Hospital, Japan
  • Yusuf Osman, Allergy & Asthma Institute, Pakistan
  • Nikolaos G Papadopoulos, University of Athens, Greece
  • Alberto Papi, University of Ferrara, Italy
  • Emilio Pizzichini, University Hospital, Brazil
  • Dirceu Solé, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Rudolf Valenta, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
  • Gary Wong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
  • Arzu C Yorgancioglu, Celal Bayar University, Turkey
  • Anahí Yáñez, Research Center for Allergic and Respiratory Diseases, Argentina



Juan Carlos Ivancevich Sunday, 04 January 2015 13:14

Carlos Baena Cagnani

Carlos Baena Cagnani ci ha lasciato improvvisamente il 31 Dicembre u.s. nei dintorni di Cordoba, Argentina.

Ci ha lasciato tutti, nel modo che forse avrebbe desiderato: a cena, circondato dai suoi figli, dai suoi  nipoti, dal loro affetto , dalla loro e dalla sua immensa gioia di vivere.

Immensa gioia di vivere e di condividere, fin da quando intraprese la sua carriera in Spagna, a Pamplona, sotto la leadership di Alberto Oehling. Il Prof. Oehling, Don Alberto per Carlos, è stato suo mentore nella carriera scientifica e nella vita.

La sua dedizione alla ricerca, all’educazione e al training dei giovani medici, in differenti parti del mondo, lo hanno reso popolare in tutta la comunità allergologica/immunologica mondiale.

Le sue capacità organizzative e la sua “passion”  nella leadership della Società Argentina di Allergia e Immunologia Clinica, della Società Latino Americana di Allergia , Asma e Immunologia, della World Allergy Organization e di Interasma (Global Asthma Association).

Sempre coinvolto nella leadership, proprio il 31 Dicembre completava il suo mandato presidenziale in Interasma.

Queste sue qualità, unite ad una personalità unica per comunicativa , per capacità di creare atmosfere di amicizia e condivisione, ne hanno fatto negli anni una “persona speciale” nella nostra comunità, e credo che chiunque di noi possa raccontare almeno un aneddoto vissuto con Carlos protagonista.

Ci mancherai Carlos… mi mancherai tantissimo.


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Editor: Juan C. Ivancevich, MD

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