Interasma Global Asthma Association


2023-2024 Interasma Webinars

The webinars are one-hour monthly educational events offered monthly from September to June each year. They will be held at 16h00 (UTC+2) (10h00 EST- UTC-4) generally on Thursday of the 3rd or 4th week of the month). An expert will discuss an important topic related to asthma and co-morbid conditions.

GAA-INTERASMA is an International Health Organization focused on providing a forum where asthma experts can provide educational outreach to all those involved in the management of asthma and its comorbidities. The organization accomplishes this mission by:

  • organizing live scientific educational meetings
  • organizing educational webinars where physicians can directly interact with asthma experts and learn about cutting edge advancements in the management and treatment of asthma & related diseases.
  • defining, stating, proposing, advocating, and publishing the GAA-INTERSMA position on specific topics.
  • partnering with the Journal of Asthma for spreading high quality research results.
  • providing a global network of asthma experts
  • Sharing knowledge & providing asthma guidelines in cooperation with international societies, working group, health authorities.
  • collaborating with patient associations and institutions for the development of initiatives aimed at improving the patient’s quality of life.


25th: WCA 2021, Virtual
24th: WCA 2018 Tokyo, Japan
23rd: WCA 2016 Madrid, Spain
22nd: WCA 2014 Mexico City, Mexico
21st: WCA 2012 Quebec City, Canada
20th: WCA 2010 Athens, Greece
19th: WCA 2008 Monte Carlo, Monaco
18th: WCA 2006 Guadalajara, Mexico
17th: WCA 2003 St. Petersburg, Russia
16th: WCA 1999 Buenos Aires, Argentina
15th: WCA 1996 Montpellier, France
14th: WCA 1993 Jerusalem, Israel
13th: WCA 1990 Maebashi, Japan

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