Interasma Global Asthma Association

Recognized Centers

A recognized GAA Interasma center is identified as a multidisciplinary team working in a private or public institution working on Asthma, COPD, allergy and clinical immunology to provide excellence in clinical care, research for patient benefit and education, with the following components:

  • The center should have a well-established organization with good governance and infrastructure and recognized mentors in the fields in asthma, COPD, allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.
  • The center should have equipment to perform studies in Asthma and COPD, such as lung function through spirometry , ergo spirometry and pulmonary rehabilitation, both in adults and children.
  • Delivering an integrated program of care that encompasses both pediatric and adult treatment, sharing a common ethos to deliver excellence in clinical care, education and research on behalf of the patient population.
  • Adequate human resources with multidisciplinary specialist with a minimum team:
    • Five or more medical doctor specialists in allergy and or clinical immunology or pulmonology.
    • Technician
    • Two nurses
    • Spirometers, Treadmill, Monitors to check vital signs as well as all necessary rehabilitation equipment.
  • The center should perform regular research and publish manuscripts in peer reviewed journals.
  • The center should have recognized programs engaged in Asthma, COPD, allergy, and clinical immunology.
  • he center should be able to perform patient registry in database format.
  • The center should be able to perform training programs for health technicians.
  • The center should perform regular educational programs for patients or patient groups.
  • The center should be registered according to national law.


The benefits of becoming a Global Asthma Association Center include:

  • Scientific and technical support by GAA Interasma in the field of Asthma and COPD
  • Interaction with other GAA Interasma recognized centers
  • Publicity in website of GAA Interasma as a globally recognized center
  • Possibility to participate to global research programs and provide specialized training.
  • Free access to official journal of GAA Interasma – Asthma Research and Practice