Interasma Global Asthma Association

Mission Statement

GAA-INTERASMA is an International Health Organization completely focused on providing a forum where asthma experts can provide educational outreach to Primary care physicians/providers, Pneumologists (Pulmonologists) and Allergologists (Allergists/Clinical Immunologists) in underserved regions of the world who are unable to readily travel to international asthma meetings. The organization accomplishes this mission by:

Organizing educational webinars where physicians can directly interact with asthma experts and learn about cutting edge advancements in the management and treatment of asthma & related diseases.

Partnering with the Journal of Asthma, where its members benefit in publishing their research.

Organizing the biannual World Congress of Asthma -WCA, providing a global network of asthma experts to whom HCPs can easily reach out . Sharing knowledge & providing asthma guidelines in cooperation with GINA, ARIA, WHO/GARD, ISAR, EPR.