Interasma Global Asthma Association

BoD Roles & Responsibilities

Executive Committee Responsibilities

  • Determine the Association’s visions & values
  • Adopt a strategic plan for three to five years
  • Adopt an annual budget to reflect the Association’s strategy and planning priorities
  • Provide leadership and communicate GAA-I’s mission, vision and values to volunteers, internal and external stakeholders
  • Determine roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee Members, Members at Large and Adjunct Members
  • Recruit and orient new Board Members
  • Conduct regular reviews of the individual Board Members
  • Provide personal support of the Association’s growth efforts by meeting Industry Directors, consulting with the AMC on sponsorship opportunities and similar arrangements

Members at Large & Adjunct Members Responsibilities

The Executive Committee appreciates the commitment required to volunteer for Board services.

The Members at Large and the Adjunct Members may be tasked by the President or the Chief Executive Director to perform specific short or long term functions.

These duties may include:

  • Board liaison to one or more Subcommittees
    • Communicate regularly with the Committee Chair so as to stay up to date on projects and activities
    • Present Committee results to the Executive Committee
    • Inform the Executive Committee about new candidates for chairmanship
  • Serving as chair or speaker in the Association’s meetings
  • Mentor to Committee Chairs, Committee Members or National Societies so as to expand their leadership role in the GAA-Interasma
  • Mentor National GAA-Interasma Centers, if necessary, and act as liaison with the GAA-I Executive Committee
  • Chair or active Member of an Executive Committee-appointed workgroup
  • Represent the Association on external panels, task forces etc
  • Act as chair of Local Organizing Committees in their country of origin or workplace
  • Participate at least in 2 teleconferences per year with the Executive Committee
  • Promote affiliation and partnering with National Societies in the field of Asthma, Thoracic, Allergy and Immunology Societies
  • Promote GAA-I membership in their region
  • Recruit authors for GAA-I journal/publications