Interasma Global Asthma Association

Member Benefits

  • As a member, you will benefit from:
  1. Free access to asthma education and updates to our website
  2. Rebate on registration to the “InterAsma Asthma Classes”, a comprehensive web-based course on asthma management, with Certificate of accreditation.
  3. Free registration to the renowned Journal of Asthma in its electronic version
  4. Free registration to our monthly Webinar on “hot topics” in airways diseases (see list of next presentations).
  5. A 15% rebate on registration to our October 2021 World Asthma Congress (date and location to be announced soon).
  6. Free publications released by InterAsma (Manifestos, surveys, etc.)
  7. Opportunities for networking with colleagues abroad and with the Industry.
  8. Full voting rights.
  9. Eligibility for election to the Executive Board.
  10. Free access to updated Asthma News and Library.

We hope you will consider this offer and become part of our World Asthma Association.
You can register at the low fee equivalent to 50€ on InterAsma web site for 1 year or 80€ for 2 years.